"IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR James Bond" - Sway Home at Beaches Covered

"IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR James Bond" - Sway Home at Beaches Covered


If lush, iconic, eco-friendly furniture is your jam, Sway Homes in Avalon is the place to be. As the exclusive Australian retailer of Pacific Green, local businesswoman Diana Taylor is bringing sustainable luxury back to the Beaches. Read on to discover how it all began…

[ Amazing article written by Donna Armstrong for Beaches Covered ]

Fresh from opening its doors in November, Sway Homes on Avalon Parade is home to a stunning collection of chic furniture from Pacific Green. The unique, designer brand was born in Sydney in 1973 thanks to local Avalon resident Bruce Dowse. Bruce teamed up with fellow entrepreneur, and designer, Peter Ryan and the two launched Post & Rail, which they later rebranded as Pacific Green. Back then, in the mid-1970s, Bruce and Peter knew the planet was in trouble and wanted to find sustainable alternatives to traditional hardwoods. Their mission led them to the South Pacific, where they discovered vast abandoned coconut palm plantations, and established the world’s first coconut palm-focused factory. The men worked closely and respectfully with the local Indigenous communities and started producing stunning pieces of art disguised as furniture.

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