As seen on Beaches Covered! Find Sway Home in every edition

As seen on Beaches Covered! Find Sway Home in every edition

Sway Home is an ambassador of Pacific Green, a design and manufacturing company that creates sustainable Palmwood furniture and architecture products. Their designs are renowned for encapsulating a balanced blend of allure and contemporary elegance, and their products celebrated for the exclusive use of natural materials and cultural influences. Sway Home, are proud to uphold Pacific Green’s legacy of sustainable luxury, superior craftsmanship, and environmental conscientiousness.

Each unique creation is sculpted by hand and with craftsmanship that uses time-honoured techniques. You can see this in each masterpiece; each chair, sofa and coffee table looks and feels as though it has been created with meticulous care and intricate attention to detail. With the beautifully outlandish styles of this furniture, you’d assume comfort took a hit in the making.

However, Sway Home is committed to ensuring each piece wraps you in a cosy hug when it’s time to relax. When you purchase a piece of furniture from Sway Home you are adding to your collection a handmade work of art that is destined to become a cherished heirloom.

The knowledgeable team at Sway also offer a custom curtain service ensuring the perfect fit, fall and fabric for your windows. Finding the perfect sheers can add the finishing finesse that elevates the overall feeling of comfort and luxury in your home.

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